Covid-19 hospital admissions surge; 1,300 new coronavirus infections

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The total number of hospitalizations for Covid-19 reached 209 on Monday, the highest total since June 28. Intensive care units were treating 43 of those patients, the most in a single day in over three weeks, according to patient coordination office LCPS.

Dutch ICUs were treating seven more Covid-19 patients than on Sunday, while outside of the ICU, patient admissions rose by 18 to 166. The total of 209 patients reflected a 14-percent gain over the previous day.

Public health agency RIVM said that from Friday through Sunday, 31 more people were admitted to hospitals for the coronavirus disease. Nine were also moved into intensive care during that time.

Early data from the RIVM on Monday showed that 1,300 more people tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus, the third highest daily report since the pandemic began. The figure was 63 percent higher than last Monday’s tally, and was nearly 2.5 times greater than two weeks ago.

Not since April 11 has such a high total of people testing positive for the virus been divulged in a daily report. At that time, authorities in the Netherlands were testing between five and six thousand people daily for the viral infection, while more recently that figure has been above 25 thousand.

Sixteen members of Groningen student association Navigators were among those who tested positive in recent days, according to RTV Noord. Some 29 members of the association have tested positive over the past two weeks.

More positive tests are likely, a spokesperson for the group said. None of the students are believed to have been seriously ill.